Almost all of the PC users are concerned with windows registry cleaner as it contains valuable configuration data of several programs. For that reason, cleaning the windows registry is an essential task and it will enhance the performance of PC as well. Now, there is lots of registry cleaner software’s that work to clean this important part of PC, but few could actually optimize the computer to improve the quality of performance.

Consequently, there is a registry cleaner software that is branded as PC Matic and I have come up with an extensive review of PC Matic. This comprehensive review will reveal all the facts as well as information’s about this product to convey the basic ideas of this software. Let’s take a look at the review of PC Matic.

What is PC Matic?

PC Matic is a product of ParetoLogic, a household name in the industry. This registry cleaning software is a PC optimization program, which is designed for day-to-day maintenance of the operating system. It cleans up the windows registry efficiently to boost the performance of the PC and it contains added features such as the restricted extent of malware protection along with user privacy defense.

PC Matic is created to address system errors such as the ActiveX problems and malicious processes that start the virus activity within the system. Additionally, it can solve problems related to the performance issue like the freezing and crashing the system. Moreover, PC Matic can free up the disk space by cleaning the junk objects. In short, PC Matic is a software that can fix any functional problem of PC with just one click. The customized scanning procedure of this software is high quality and registered users can take the advantage of it.

Pricing Options

To download the software, you have to pay $49. After downloading and paying the fee, you will be provided a license key with which you will be able to use the program to clean the PC.

System Requirement

The system requirement of this software is provided below with a table.

Operating System Version Hardware Requirement
Windows XP (32-bit, SP 3) CPU-800 MHz or higher
Windows Vista (32-bit, SP2) Minimum 256 MB of RAM
Windows 7 (32- and 64-bit) Minimum 20 MB Free Disk Space
Windows 8 (32- and 64-bit)

Table: System requirement of PC Matic

Why use PC Matic?

pcmaticbox_homesecurityYou will be using PC Matic because it has an outstanding interface along with simple navigation. In addition, this registry cleaner can clean the windows registry perfectly that many software’s won’t be able to do. To add to this fact, other than the robust features, it contains additional features that will block malicious programs as well as to open numerous file extensions.

With all these things, PC Matic has multi-tiered approach that makes the software unique and it will save you a lot of money too.

Who will use PC Matic?

PC Matic is for all; at least it can be used by any windows operating system users. Additionally, this software is supported by the earlier version of windows so individuals as well as business institutions can use it without any hassle.

How to Setup PC Matic?

Setting up a program or software into the computer is the most complicated part of all, but installing the PC Matic is as very easy. You have to wait for one minute and will click several times. After that you have installed the software into your computer. Now, the setup file is only 6.4 MB and it requires a smooth procedure with little user intervention.

Moreover, the setup procedure includes, accepting the License Agreement, choosing the form of the installment as well as the target folder. You can opt for program recommendations as well. The application module’s pre-requisite disk space is 16.7 MB and the software supports all the previous versions. Lastly, this software is compatible to the latest version of windows 8 and this is definitely an advantage of this software.

How does PC Matic Works?

PC Matic works in five different parts. It means, the software generally conducts five types of scan and every time a user runs it in the system, these five scan options will appear. The five scan options are as follows.

  • Scanning the System-This option will scan the overall system to identify the worthless entries in the key areas to improve the overall performance of the PC. The main areas include the startup section and the file path reference section.


  • Scanning to Detect Malicious Program-This scanning procedure will detect malicious program and will quarantine or delete them.


  • Scanning for Performance Evaluation of the Computer-It will scan for the performance evaluation of the PC by discovering the needless processes and stopping them to run on the PC.


  • Privacy Protection Scan-It will find the private as well as hidden files that are attaining the disk space of your PC.


  • Scanning for Junk Files-It find the junk files and will remove them to free up the disk space.

However, if you wish to customize your scan, you can deselect any scan option and customize it your preferences. It will reduce the overall scan time and ultimately making your scan viable to your need. After scanning all the system, you will be presented a detailed report of the scan and the software will ask you fix them as well.


How Easy the PC Matic is?


The PC Matic is a very easy to use software because it has less complicated installation process. Once you have download and install the software into your PC, you will see the crystal clear tabs, which are used for navigation through various tools for PC optimization. Additionally, the optimization process includes a three-step process, which is very simple to conduct. In short, PC Matic will guide you through to the cleaning process effortlessly.

What will PC Matic Do?

The PC Matic will do the following things to clean and boost the performance of your PC.

  • It will fix the system as well as registry errors.
  • This software will remove the viruses and malicious programs from your PC.
  • It will identify and stop the unnecessary processes that cause sluggish PC performance.
  • PC Matic will remove the private files and will clean the junk, temporary files to free up the disk space.
  • It will conduct defragmentation ideally to organize files and folders.
  • Lastly, it will help to find the programs that will open unknown files for your computer.

Features of PC Matic

Following are the features of PC Matic.

  • Robust Registry Cleaner that will fix system errors, Active X errors, and DLL errors
  • Malware/Antispyware and virus cleaning system to protect the PC
  • Identifying options for finding hog problems and programs that juices up the disk space
  • Confidential files cleaner that will erase all the sensitive files from the PC
  • Junk file cleaner will clean the junk and temporary files
  • Defragmentation Utility will organize the files
  • Unknown File Extension Finder

Positives of PC Matic

There are many positive sides or advantages of this software that will amaze the user. Following are the positive sides of PC Matic.

  • Cleans the Windows registry smoothly
  • Flexible and Five types of scanning system
  • Enhance startup speed
  • Can perfectly clean Junk Files
  • Superior error solving Capability
  • Offer protection against the Malware processes or Viruses
  • Optimizes the PC for better performance
  • Free up the disk space
  • Automated software update
  • System restoring feature
  • Built-in defragmentation
  • File extension manager for detecting unknown file

Negatives of PC Matic

As it has many positive sides, it has some negative sides as well. The negatives of PC Matic are as follows.

  • Users will encounter glitch while getting the security to unlock the software
  • This software is not for new PC users
  • PC Matic is not all in all software

Customer Support

For helping the customer about this software, the software contains a manual guide, which can be accessed from the ‘Help Tab’. In addition, the users can get customer from the same ‘Help Tab’ as well. Moreover, registered users can get 24/7 service via email and the website of ParetoLogic contains knowledge base that can give sufficient help to the new users. To add to this, there is an FAQ section for the users that will also answer basic questions regarding the software.

Final Verdict

To sum up the review, all I can say that PC Matic is the cheapest alternative to highly paid technician because if it is used properly and regularly, then your PC will be optimized flawlessly. Additionally, the software has extensive registry cleaning feature that keeps the PC free from unwanted files and boost the performance as a whole. Lastly, there are additional features as well that will augment the overall productivity of PC.